Dorothy's Twist : The tornado scene from the Wizard of Oz re-scored.

Who has never dreamed of a trip in a flying house?

Little Dorothy dreamed of a technicolor world, far from her Kansas farm, somewhere over the rainbow, in the realm of her imagination... A little tornado and the trick is done! 

Follow Dorothy into the tornado

Memories of the day you disappeared in the sea : a short musical dive into emotional memory.

Life is a film, memories are the scenes, and music is the thread that binds them together.

A piano and string quintet composition set to the images of video artist Life on super 8.

These micro-films are tainted with an observer's sensitivity that immediately struck me and inspired a narrative. It took me a while to understand what these images were telling my subconscious and why they provoked such melancholy in me... 

Watch the video & go for a dive into emotional memory

New music video : Rise up

Imagine a world where music is forbidden. (Don't do this for too long, it's depressing.)

This dystopian premise inspired me the story of a revolt led by a musician, Rose. Rise up is a snippet of this project which mixes alternative orchestral music and narration.

✊ Rise up, Rose. May the sting of your thorns awaken us from our stupor.

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New orchestral music video : Catch me if you can !

Film music with a full orchestra !
Watch and listen to this tribute to cinema, featuring the fabulous Buster Keaton.
Make yourself comfortable, get out the popcorn and enjoy the magic of a symphony in your living room.

More soundtrack music here !