My music aims to illustrate the emotions, support the word and the action. Sometimes it amplifies the meaning of what is shown in the image or on stage, sometimes it sketches the impalpable, the invisible, the subtle.

As a composer for the image or the stage, my artistic approach is to put my composition at the service of a project, a team, a concept, characters. 

By connecting myself to the deep meaning of the story, I dedicate myself to illustrate it, to strengthen it, to sublimate it by the composition.


[FR] Ma musique vise à illustrer les émotions, à soutenir la parole et l'action. Parfois elle amplifie le sens de ce qui est montré à l'image ou sur scène, parfois elle esquisse l'impalpable, l'invisible, le subtil.

En tant que compositeur pour l'image ou la scène, ma démarche artistique est de mettre ma composition au service d'un projet, d'une équipe, d'un concept, de personnages. 

En me connectant au sens profond de l'histoire, je m'attache à l'illustrer, à la renforcer, à la sublimer par la composition.

Memories (piano/string quintet)

Reality check (piano/strings/jazz combo)

Catch me if you can (full orchestra)


A nos cris dans le néant rien ne répond : the soundtrack of a faithful path to free thought.

Matt about composing this score : "When it comes to music composition, the next note's always an uncertain adventure. Promising but you don't always know exactly where it will take you. At first I doubted when Antoine (Motte dit Falisse) proposed me to work on this poetry show about atheism. Then the revelation came when I realized that this project brought me back to a very personal, intimate, philosophical questioning. I met these 3 characters (Petra / The Pope / Satan) who led me through this introspective journey. They became both my imaginary friends and the conductors of the 3 musical themes. They ignited my score with a deluge of emotions, from disillusionment to anger through doubt, bitterness, provocation.
I found the light in their shadows, the divine in the earthly, the passion in the reason. This soundtrack is their faithful path to freethought."

A french speaking show around the atheistic poetry of Louise-Victorine Ackermann, Charles Baudelaire, Victor Hugo, ...

Un spectacle poétique de Thalie Envolée  - Plus d'informations ici
A nos cris dans le néant rien ne répond preview on youtube.

The full soundtrack is available on bandcamp.

Sylvebarbe : an orchestral journey through a magical world of tales and legends.

So here's my basic ingredients for the main theme of Sylvebarbe : a hint of magical glockenspiel, cavernous pizzicati, a mysterious ticking timemachine and... (click on the video for the full recipe and ride down the rabbit hole).

Take a ticket for a wild musical journey : from an oasis in the Saharan Atlas to wild Bengal, via a Siberian ice palace... This is Sylvebarbe, the original orchestral soundtrack of the eponymous storytelling show.
Guess what happens when an accommodating brahmin comes across a cunning and hungry tiger ? Take off for a magical encounter between an old fisherman and a little golden fish with surnaturel powers... Follow a little Cinderella to the highlands of Siberia in an ice palace hidden at the bottom of a well ! Be moved by "La Légende des Alyps", the story of a young slave, friend of horses, who wins his freedom.

Matt about composing Sylvebarbe : "Music composition & storytelling are really close and complimentary friends. Tales & legends are always inspiring. I mean it's a direct open door to humanity's roots of culture. Kept alive by oral transmission through ages, tales are visitors from the past having still relevant things to teach us about our viceral fears, beliefs and behaviours. In order to immediately transport the spectator to the four corners of the globe, I had to draw inspiration from local music and the characteristic instruments of the different countries. The colours, the atmospheres, the characters had to be recognisable from the first notes and as palpable as possible."

Sylvebarbe preview on youtube.

The Sylvebarbe soundtrack is available on all streaming platforms.